Please Read These Rules Before You Enter!

[1] Entry Fee per category: $35 (Non-Refundable) for regular registration through November 6th, 2020.  $50 (Non-Refundable) for Late Registration after the 7th.
[2] Category Time Limits: ALL CATEGORIES: 6 MINUTES!!!!
[3] Going over the time limits will incur a 10 point penalty from the overall score of the participants.
[4] Judges’ decisions are FINAL and cannot be APPEALED.
[5] Prizes for groups with 10 or more will be as follows otherwise only trophies and certificates will be provided.
******************[1st Prize: $150.00]*******[2nd Prize: $100.0*0] *******[3rd Prize: $50.00]********************
[6] Age Groups: [1] 12 & Under [2] 13 to 20 [3] 21 and over.
[7] Limit of 3 Categories is imposed per person over the age of 21, however Duet and Performance category does not apply to this rule.
[8] The Performance category is a non-competitive category, any person may enter in this category once and can perform any
discipline listed in the categories of the competition. This is strictly a showcase in the competition for those who want to display their
talents. Participation is first-come first-serve, only 10 participants will be taken. An audition tape maybe requested.
[9] The Academy may cancel any category when there is not enough participants entered. You will be notified and entry fees for that
category will be returned. **Please NOTE FILM SONG WILL BE ONLY PRESENTED AS A KARAOKE.
[10] Dances of India can consist of Folk, Regional, Bollywood Film, Solo or Group. We ask that you email us the tracks you intend to use by Wednesday, Nov. 25th so we can create playlists to save time during each category. Please bring a CD or USB backup with you to the hall. If we do not have your music before the start of the category, a time penalty will be incurred.
[12] Please email us with any questions: